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So almost a year later I am back to where I belong-Word Press, on my own blogging site. As you may have read already what happened to me in those times when I was away from you…away from my place in the web? Well to answer that I will have to take you down to […]

It’s nothing. Just a random blog.

There are girls in fact many girls who are working by day and who are into prostitution. Some take prostitution to earn some big bucks,others are into it full time. And well people do all sorts of things. And we can feel it. Just go to the streets,and there are men standing at every corner […]

And then there was this movie we went to. Well here there are cinemas that play hollywood,hindi,tamil,telugu and malayalam films. And so we wanted to see LOVE AAJ KAL-the movie of Saif Ali Khan and Deepika. And when we went there there was this crowd of telugu people. When we asked what the matter was […]

The biggest problem here is to take a driving licenece. Earlier it used to be easy like in India,you take lessons,drive with the inspector and unless you make any stupid moves,you will emerge successful in the test. And hence get your licence. But now things are weird here,at least a bit weird. Here everybody own […]

there are changes happening in me here. i am beginning to leave my past behind.. tears of something painful are no more.. i am beginning to experience chanege here.. life is changing.. not sloly..but rapidly.. and i know that this will be the base of my future.. the beginnning of what i am supposed to […]