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how indian trains came to include toilets….

read this in the photo Advertisements

So who is my favorite female celebrity…??

my females,my celebrities i love

You must be logged in to do that!

my addiction of websites and the membership registration process

Spring in the desert

a poem dedicated to my best friend,the beautiful,caring priyanka…my darling cutebaby

A ‘compulsive confession’

So what actually made me to blog??was it a something ‘compulsive’?? Oh yeah…you are damn right…the idea to blog had been nagging at me for quite some time. But  what actually fuelled my inner fire??Is there a damn good reason why I suddenly started blogging??I am just nothing short of a normal person and I […]

Yet another first blog with the usual hiccups on what to blog!!

ma very feeeeeerrrrrrrsssssttttttt blog!