A ‘compulsive confession’


So what actually made me to blog??was it a something ‘compulsive’??

Oh yeah…you are damn right…the idea to blog had been nagging at me for quite some time. But  what actually fuelled my inner fire??Is there a damn good reason why I suddenly started blogging??I am just nothing short of a normal person and I don’t think my blog has anything in it to seem abnormal.

Am just scrapping away whatever I like at the moment, whatever comes to my mind, that is. And it may seem crap to you(in fact I think I am crapping).

So here comes the confession. I began hearing of blogs and blogosphere some time ago. But it was not until a particular blog  began getting ‘wild’ attention that I actually cared to even read one.

Okay. By now you might have guessed what that blog was…if you are from INDIA, my country.

It’s the story of a ‘twenty-something, single, female, writer, with large groups of friends and who goes out for drinks pretty regularly. ‘well its her life and she writes about it. okay, okay

The blog is ‘the compulsive confessor’ on BlogSpot and the author is Meenakshy Reddy Madhavan.

That was the first and the only blog I read at that time well, because it was said to be ‘so spicy and hot’ in the newspapers and media. I read it and I liked the ‘openness’ of ‘EM’ in the blog. She writes about anything and everything that happens in her life…sex, drinking, promiscuity, travel…almost everything that a person of her age goes through.

Well she was nothing sort of what you can call-a phenomenon in India. a blogger that too a girl who had the guts to reveal her private life in public.

So where were we??ah yes-‘I was attracted by the spicy blog’. well I did read all those reviews about ‘the compulsive confessor’ in newspapers and wanted to read it. As an average boy, you can imagine what was in my mind in wanting to read Meenakshy’s blog. yeah, it was the spicy part. I just wanted to get a sneak peek into what this girl does in her private moments.

Yeah,yeah.so here I am running off to the nearest internet souk and creating an account in blogger just to read her blog. of course I was not let down. There was enough and more spice than I could ever imagine. It was wonderful to read the confessions of a young lady about her life with all the spicy stuff that you could imagine.

But seriously I am not that much of a voyeuristic viewer else I would have lapped up everything that she had to offer in the blog and would have waited for even more.

What I liked was the way her blog was written. She could write about everything in her life with virtually no restrictions. That I noted was the power of blogging. You are free. Free to write. You do not have to rely on anyone. You do not need to send letters to the local newspaper in order to give voice to your opinions.

I didn’t keep on reading everything that Meenakshy had to offer in the blog. I became engrossed in my own affairs, the business called life…..final year exams, projects and stuff..

Anyways why I think Meenakshy’s blog became a rage is because India is still a traditionally conservative country. Here it was a shock and it send tremors when people began knowing that..well….’here’s a girl who drinks, hang’s out with men, talk about sex and describe it openly in a weblog’.

And I don’t think anyone would have cared for it so much as in India if she had been  in the WEST. anyways its my opinion. ok. and not anyone else’s think I have the freedom of expression and I don’t intend to hurt anyone’s feelings in this blog of mine.

But the blog, the 1st blog I read did leave an impact on me. And from then on I had badly wanted to blog my heart out.

“So hey people of the blogosphere…
Here comes..
Giving you the view to his private world..”

That definitely is not my idea of a blog.
Meenakshy had IT in her to keep her blogs interesting. She has that literary prowess. What do I have??

Though I occasionally write poems, stories and stuff that satisfies my inner literary fire, I don’t believe that I have that much fire in my own blogs to keep your blog expectations warm.

So okay..

How do I describe myself in the blog??!!

Well I could borrow Meenakshy’s ‘about me’, make some changes and then use it as my own???
Like maybe..
‘so here comes twenty something male writer with a reasonable number of friends and who does not go out for drinks occasionally…..’

Hey come-on…am not that kind of person..i don’t go around stealing other people’s things rather ‘intellectual properties’ and modify it and display it around as my own!!

I like her simple ‘about me’ and I don’t think anybody should copy it and use it as their own.

So how do I begin??

Well look at the weird ‘about me’ in my own profile….

And my blog’s ‘about me’!!


Didn’t I get anything weirder???well I guess I am the NERDEST blogger with the WEIRDEST profile!!

So dear Meenakshy ….thank you for making me a blogger. Seriously, I do mean it!!! If you had not come up with your ‘compulsive confessions’ I would never have seriously thought about giving blogging a try.
And dear, I love your blog, your openness and your language. Don’t just stop blogging as you have turned to freelance journalism now. Keep it coming. Kudos to the twenty something girl who passionately blogs about her life. We all love your blog, though I must confess that I am not an avid follower of your blog!!



  1. bitchyangel · · Reply

    hey there..welcome to blogosphere…

    anyways..not a bad thing to start by saying what made you decide to write…


  2. innocentbelle · · Reply

    HI, Nice first blog entry. Very Interesting.

  3. dancingdevil2008 · · Reply

    lol, ha loved it… very good first blog.

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