Yet another first blog with the usual hiccups on what to blog!!

So here I am in front of my computer thinking ‘so let me have a take on this blogging stuff that has been nagging me for quite some time!’.frankly speaking I am not a blog addict and neither do I believe that I have anything in me that would draw your attention to my blog. In fact I am wondering if my blog would even get noticed!!

I am sure that people will be thinking ‘in this blogosphere with a lot of ‘celebrity blogs’ that we can hardly keep track of, what’s this guy doing??’

So what am I supposed to do??oh yeah …’blog’….but about what??

Should I blog on daily events that happen around us??

Well am sure I cant start yet another blog on the latest scoops..

Imagine me blogging on Nadya Suleman and her octuplets..yawn..even thinking of that makes me sleepy. So I can imagine your situation in having to keep track of a thousand blogs on the same subject.
To me it doesn’t matter even if there are a thousand blogs on a particular subject. What eventually matters is the relevance of the topic and how the blog is different from the rest of the blahblahblah….

So lets begin blogging…

Everything is set for action..I am in my chair in front of my PC linked to the internet, with a blog account in Xanga ,a  cup of hot coffee in my hand and me lost in thought on what to blog!!!

This I realize is the point when an average beginner in blogging like me gives up blogging. Because you never find that inner fire to write on the topics of our choice. We know exactly ‘what to blog on’ but we just fail to find a way ‘how to begin the blog, how to keep it focused and how to keep it interesting’.

This is the point where we realize that we don’t have the charisma of the celebrities. ‘why is it that people are after celebrity blogs, when an average blog like ours could be more relevant??’

Because people matter. It matters not only on what you are blogging but also on your celebrity status.

Does it mean that you have to be a movie star, a model or a sportsperson to attract people to your blog? No!!even a celebrity blog that starts with much fanfare can lose its sheen once people realize that it is not much better than an average blog!!

Its funny, I started on blogging myself and now I am commenting on blogs!!i know that everybody does not have it to be the next big thing in the blogging world, but anyone can blog. What eventually matters is…as I said before…the difference your blog keeps from the rest….

Only time will tell if I have that inner fire to keep my blog burning throughout. And only time will tell if I would ever blog on another subject.

As I wrote in the blog heading…this is yet another blog..and that too with the usual hiccups of a beginner on what to blog and I hope that I have not sung a lullaby for you


One comment

  1. Hi, arun
    welcome to wordpress..
    congrats on your first blog..
    keep rolling..
    and by the way that was a good thinking blog beginnink
    keep it up!

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