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Well, most of u might have seen this banner in most sites in the internet.
This thing is displayed almost instantly when you try to access something in a website that requires you u to be a member for the privilege of using its services or downloading its stuff. And once you complete the so called simple procedure, with a particular section with a CAPTCHA that is sometimes almost impossible to decipher by a common man(fuck those spammers. To hell with them. They are responsible for that menace.)

I don’t know just how many times I got lured by this particular banner and just how many websites I registered as a user.

Almost instantly while navigating my browser through the waters of the world wide web, I get lured by a particularly glossy website. I am instantly attracted by its web 2.0 interface and glossiness and particularly the word ‘FREE’


(oh, am sorry I don’t have a credit card to pay you, and even if I had I would never have paid for a service that’s almost free at some other websites!). -unlimited uploads and unlimited space for files during beta stage, and when it finally went official in the full version, they offered me a 20percent discount of the fee!!!!!very kind of them…

livedrive -blog site, and they are offering me a free trial of their premium services for 30 days!!!(believe me, its nothing more than a crossbreed of facebook and blogger)

Well the next steps are predictable. I sign up. Open my email. And wait for the confirmation mail from that website. And for some days I will be happy with the glossy interface and all but then as soon as another website is discovered in serendipity, I lose all interest in the old site.
Just take a look at some of them…

Well, apart from this websites discovered myself, I am also lure by baits thrown into my mail inbox from friends. Take for instance some of the websites I got as invitations from friends… -social networking site, but I dint find any of my friends!! -oh mah gawd…too much crap in one site!!


These things came to me as invites from friends. And I went and registered in all of the. Take for instance pagii, sent to me by a friend. I registered. And had just had him as a friend in the so called(social networking site).and as usual I haven’t even checked it ever again.


Then another menace is I forget all the usernames and passwords I use while registering. A classic case is .Recently I got mails from some of my friends saying they have added me as a friend in hi5.And I couldn’t open my account coz after almost 3,4 years I forgot my username and password!!


I seriously think I got an addiction for these glossy websites, you could say some sort of a mania, like well, websitomania(an addiction of website membership!!)!!!cool name na??well I invented it okay…there is nothing in the world like that till now..atleast I hope so…

And I think I will have to ask for a remedy to Dr.


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  1. dancingdevil2008 · · Reply

    lol, i think everyone has one of those addictions. i myself have many accounts for different websites,all with different usernames and passwords. which sucks, because i cant remember them all, then i have to remember which email address *because i have like five different ones* i used for which account so i can retrieve my stupid password just so i can check out some people who have clicked yes on me or some other thing like that. lol, oh well.

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