Spring in the desert

this poem is dedicated to my best friend,th loving,caring and beautiful priyanka…who have stood by me throughout my life..

love you so much dear…


The sun hiding behind dark clouds,
And fate coloring my life in darkness
I walked into an unknown village
Looking tattered and miserable

Life was going on in a new world
With my inside all turning to ash
I waited for a ray of hope
To let me survive


One day sun in my face
And I lost in my dreams
She came into my life
Like spring in the desert

Life began to ebb in me again
With new hopes and dreams
A cute baby with her smile
Washed away all my tears

She was something to me
I couldn’t give a meaning
Because she became my life
The very meaning of life

Like bees flocking to nectar
She always had someone around her
I always wanted to be with her
But I just kept on watching

I would look at her eyes,
Like a child, innocently
When all the world
Celebrated valentine

Never had seen anyone else
As cute as her, my cute baby
I am always with her
But she never understands


…… Δяµη яααj™



  1. innocentbelle · · Reply

    Very nice poem. Seems like you’re an experienced poem writer. Do you write poetry often?

    1. hey young journo..yup i do write poems…(if u beleive me)…from childhood

  2. dancingdevil2008 · · Reply

    Hey i think i am finally on your blog!!!! lol. if you have no clue who i am, or what i am talking about… i am sorry and i have found the wrong blog…. lol.

    1. hey devil i know you…k..
      n thanks 4 your comments…
      keep it coming…
      in fact i like your ‘blogging style’

  3. dancingdevil2008 · · Reply

    I love this btw… very deep.

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