So who is my favorite female celebrity…??

To begin with, seriously I don’t remember the last time I gave the topic a serious thought. But right now I feel the time’s come to weigh my options and finally try to get an outcome from my mind.

Female celebrity!!

On hearing the word my mind races off in all directions possible…in pursuit of different characters…
Of course in the same direction that an average guy’s mind moves… stars, sportspersons and models, coz really speaking these are the three areas we guys mostly look for beauty, honestly I don’t know any other area where I am interested in beauty queens. okay. Lets look into another field…well, ah…er…politics. Beauty??ah, no chan

ce….forget it!!

So where do the options finally go??




There is this beautiful face from ‘badminton’ in Bollywood with a label ‘Just Arrived’. the beautiful Deepika Padukone.


Here is one girl I can honestly say that I am a DIE HARD fan!!!really!!I love her face.


Well honestly I didn’t like her much in the SRK film, her debut one,Om Shanti Om.maybe because I didn’t like the film at all.She’s just soooooooooooooooooooooo beautifffffffuuuuuuulllllllllllllllll


But it was the second film,Bachna Ae Haseeno that made me a fan, especially the irresistibly hummable song ‘Khuda Jaane…’.then came the photos of Chandni Chowk To China, and made me a hardcore fan…well I mean I looovveeeee her stills. Okay??not acting!!though the Akshay Kumar film was an extremely stupid film, I loved watching her. She was just irresistible!!






There is this new girl on the block. The squash champion Dipika Pallikal of Kerala origins. Got a cute face with film star looks and the game of a champion. Well I began to notice her in some ads, but then I didn’t know that she was a champion, and that too a world champion in squash in her age group!!slowly she’s getting reviews and maybe one day she will emerge with all her potential.



Heard she practices in Egypt and is planning on moving to Kuwait for further improvements.






Well there is Sania Mirza,the tennis star. She got beauty and also is a gifted tennis star, though at many points in time, she fails to rise upto the expectations of a 1BILLION ‘strong’ nation. Who cares???well she’s got beauty and when she plays she’s like a poetry in motion(well sometimes I do feel like she’s a ‘disappointment in action’ in the many games she fails to lesser opponents!!)


She’s been through a lot of controversy…like some Islamic fundamentalists yelling at her for playing  tennis  in short skirt(imagine her playing in purdah!!would be great na??)


Ah forget it. Let’s come to our discussion. Well there are some really wonderful photos of her with film star looks and its hard to resist being a fan.





There is this cute girl from Telugu films…
Ileana D’souza.


She’s cute, slim and got some acting talents also.


Well anyways its just because of her that I watch the Telugu version of ‘Pokkiri’. She was the only thing in that film that made me to watch it. God! i hate Maheshbabu with his face as stiff as a block of wood!!No expressions at all.



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  1. dancingdevil2008 · · Reply

    I love the second girl’s eyes, they are pretty… jealous now. lol.

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