Blogging-A new rhythm to life

Blogging-its something different.
I really got to admit it. I really wasn’t much interested in the thing till now. But after I started my 1st blog, I really gotta tell you, am hooked on to it.


Its really wonderful.

I can open up my mind.
I can write anything and everything that comes to my mind.
It really reduces the pain of the ‘writer guy’ in me, who was constantly in agony at not being able to write  up what was going in his mind.

I had written stories,poems,articles and stuff like that in our school mags and also in scrap papers. But then after entering college I just stopped the creativity in me-or you could say I literally ‘killed’ my creative self.

There are a lot of reasons why I quit writing. A lot of reasons.

But right now what really matters is that I am writing again and I am happy with it.

Really I can say a million thanks to this ‘blogging’

Because it gave that much needed spark of life to my creative side. But now there is a problem.

I will be at work from Monday through Saturday and I am far away from blogging. I can only blog now when I am at home, and that too on Sundays.!!

Still I am restless till I get my fingers on my keyboard and start typing something that comes to my mind.


At work I am constantly thinking-what to write next.
Not just at work-while travelling, while gazing simply at the horizon, well virtually at any given time.

Is it good or bad??I just don’t know.

Earlier I used to watch things when I am travelling, but now it’s a whole new world out there.

I feel that I am in the centre of something-each activity that I see evokes something in me, and I keep analyzing it. And I want to share it with the world. Through my little blogging space in the net.

Really blogging has given a new rhythm to my life.

And thanks to it my creative side has woken up again from the ashes of the past…




  1. dancingdevil2008 · · Reply

    Well its a good thing you got into blogging… you have your creative side back. and you are really good at writing too.

  2. scott1421 · · Reply

    Great post!I really enjoy reading your blogs. Maybe you can check out some of mine as well.

    I’ll be having a new blog up soon that is going to be awesome! Don’t forget to check it out.

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