The slumdog millionaire


Okay. Okay.

There have been a million reviews on this topic.

But I hope that I have the liberty to express my views.

A lot of people out there are writing their articles against the film-the reason is obvious. and I am no different.

I am strongly against a film that portrays my country in a bad light.

Really a lot of films have been made in India of the same ‘rags to riches’ story. But why did this film receive Oscar??

Anybody having commonsense would vouch that this is just an ordinary or better-a mediocre film. It has nothing new in it to offer.

The reason the film got this much awards is that westerners have a habit of looking upon we Indians as inferior.
they feel that India is very much the same.
They turn a blind eye towards the fact that India and Indians have moved a long way from the time of British imperialism.

What does the film show??
Amitabh Bachan-the biggest film star India has ever produced is seen signing the autograph of a boy smeared in human shit.
That is degrading. Really disgusting. These idiots do not know who he is. They have virtually ruined his image in the film.

The children singing for money.
The dancing girls.

Of course there is poverty. But it is not so rampant.

Everything, every scene in the film is made to ruin the reputation of India.

The film shows children running through the streets,riots,child beggars, dirty slums-the same old belief that the west still keeps about India.

I really wonder if the Oscar awards have lost its standards so as to give this mediocre stupid film Oscars.

Had this stupid film been made in india,by an Indian director-it would never have won any awards anywhere.

I am a big fan of A R RAHMAN.i really admire his works. He is a genius. He has got that rare talent.

It is wonderful that he got Oscars and golden globes.

Its wonderful to know that finally he has risen to true international fame that he deserved long ago.

But it does not go well that he got these wards for his work in a film that is so disgusting-that it portrays us Indians and India in a very bad light.


  1. deehsarsiavo · · Reply

    hate to break it to you man, but an indian film called Traffic Signal exposed the entire panhandler mafia. made by an Indian director with a pure Indian cast.

    fact of the matter is that these things ARE around us. but we’ve grown used to them. Slumdog was an over rated movie. the only reason it won is cuz everyone in the western world watched and were amazed by this “new light on the east”..

    1. arunraaj · · Reply

      ow…i dint know…
      nywez thanks for da comment…

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