Bringing work to home

I have no idea if what I am saying is really good.

People may have different opinions.

But this is my opinion.

My honest opinion.

Okay so here goes some typical examples.

I am close to a Doctor to whom I go to, whenever I get sick.

This guy is married and has got two kids.

He’s a highly qualified and a very talented Doctor.

He can diagnose diseases and do not recommend scans and probes and tests unless absolutely necessary.

But look at his life.

His time at the hospital begins from 9am.

But even before that he starts his private practice by 7am till around 8.30am.

Then he goes to hospital.

He comes back by 1pm.

He begins his private practice again from 2pm to 3pm.

Again he goes off to the hospital.

He comes back in the evening and again continues his practice at home.

This time its different.

He begins by about 6pm and it may continue till after 10pm.

He even practices on Sundays.

I have really wondered at times if he’s a family man or ever tried to be one.

Does his children get to see their dad??

Does he spend time with his wife??

What is he after??


Is he in the rush to make money by sacrificing his private life??

I really don’t know.

Next case is rather different.

See I know this guy.

He’s around 40 years and is a complete family man.

He has got two mobile phones.

One is his personal phone and the other is given to him by his company.

The company contacts him through his company phone.

So our hero devotedly switches off his company phone once he moves to his home from office.

I asked him why..

So he said…

“See Arun, I never really used to switch off the company phone earlier. But then things became worse.

The directors of the company are mad about work. They want to get details on the work even at unlikely hours.

Last time I was in bed with my wife and suddenly the phone rang.

One of my directors wanted to know the details of the progress of our current work.

I just looked at the time.

It was 11.30pm.

I cursed him after 15-20 minutes of talk and went back to bed.

This began continuing daily.

I am a normal human, who cares for my family. I need to spent time with my kids, I need to be with my wife.

So now I switch off my phone after office .”

So that’s it.

I liked his concept.


But is it really possible for everybody to do like that??

I have no idea, but I do try my best not to mix my work with my life at home.


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