Chronicles of an engineering fresher

Everything had changed suddenly right after college was over.

Friends began moving towards their placed companies.

And we were left alone. A bunch of the not-so-privileged students. All left to fend for ourselves.

In fact we were the leftovers once college was over. Because everyone else who had made the best use of their college life had moved on.

Life was getting bitter and bitter. And situation at home was moving rapidly from bad to worse.

‘WE’ here refers to ‘me and NIKHIL’.

Because ‘WE’ were two of the most disappointed, right after college.

Because ‘WE’ were the partners in all of our ‘JOB HUNTING’ tours.

Because ‘WE’ were calling each other daily, and practically cursing for our bad luck.

Because ‘WE’ were constantly planning on when to have the next ‘JOB HUNTING TOUR’, which place to go(ERNAKULAM OR TRIVANDRUM) and which companies to give a ‘RESUME VISIT’.

Because ‘WE’ understood each other’s situation well.

Because ‘WE’ had a lot of similar tastes(like our résumés, practically both are exactly the same, the only changes are in the name, address etc)

Because ‘WE’ were together when we attended interviews, walked the whole lengths of the cities and were ‘DISPOSED OFF’ by the companies together.

Because ‘WE’ were still hopeful of a ray of hope on the tours, when no-one else cared to go with us

If I am correct I might have visited ERNAKULAM AND TRIVANDRUM(two big cities in KERALA,INDIA) cities with him on account of ‘JOB HUNTING TOURS’ almost 30 times together…!!!!well I will have to check with him for the exact details.

These were the bitter times of our lives and these gave us the best of the very worst experiences life had to offer to a ‘NEWLY BORN’ engineer.

So the story begins…

It usually begins with either me calling NIKHIL to say about a job vacancy in some construction companies or vice versa

There have been some really funny situations in some of our journeys…

So here’s it…

Its been put in two sections…



Read on….

Its our life…

The life of the underdogs…….



We go to Ernakulum. with David(my close pal) accompanying us, we go to Kakkanad(a satellite city of Ernakulum) because a classmate of ours informed us of a vacancy there at SRK CONSTRUCTIONS.

We go to their site, a huge one with their dream project going on. After an ‘Interview’ with the watchman(because he wanted to know about us, who we are, why we came, which place, phone nos and o my god a hundred other things). After filling out all the details we go to meet the project manager.

Project Manager(PM):so what brought you here??

WE: Sir, we came to know of vacancy for site engineers at your company…

PM: well I don’t know…so your Qualification??

WE: Bachelors in Civil Engineering, sir….

PM: oh,kay…so you brought any résumé??

WE: Yes sir

And we give the resume to him..

He looks at it and then says he will forward it to his office for their approval…

Then after asking some formal questions, he advices us…

PM: do you read newspaper??

WE: sir??

PM: Well you guys should buy a copy of ‘THE HINDU'(an English newspaper in India) every WEDNESDAY

Because they provide a supplement called ‘OPPOURTUNITIES’ on that day. There will be a lot of vacancies in that.try them!!!!!

We both look at each other and say….THANK YOU

Thanks for your wonderful advice….

We both get out from there happy on hearing his wonderful advice and furious that yet one more job hunting tour has gone waste…


In one of our Ernakulum trips, we went to KRISTAL HOMES, a construction company

We ask the receptionist if there are any vacancy for civil engineers..

She says excitedly…”YESSSSSSSSSSSSS”

Wow…we feel happiness

It’s the first time someone said there was vacancy…

We are led to the DIRECTOR, a woman.

1st NIKHIL goes in..

Time’s ticking away…

5 minutes..

10 minutes…


I was wondering, if it is such a big technical interview going on….

Then suddenly NIKHIL comes out…


Wow…”there is chance “…I thought

So next I go in…

After some technical and HR questions she says…

“Right now we are not interested in trainee engineers…”

I look at her, yelling at her in my mind…

She says..”I told the same thing to your friend also…”

Cool….I thought…

That idiot smiled because he knew I was next in line, going for the interview…

When I finally come out of the lady’s cabin after 10 minutes of bloody funny interview, NIKHIL is waiting outside for me…..smiling..

He asks…

“So you also got appointed…right…??When do you plan on joining her???”

Then he laughs…

I look at him for some time…

Then we both start laughing…

Then he says to me..

“man you know why we aren’t LUCKY???”

I stare at him…

He says…

“Because…we are UNLUCKY”

And he adds

“So when is the next time you are calling me to Ernakulum again???”

I didn’t say anything…

And we moved towards the bus terminus…going home…empty handed as usual…



So this time its me, NIKHIL and RENJITH.

We are walking all around Trivandrum city, looking for signs of any construction companies around.

And whenever we see one, we go there and submit a copy each of our resumes.

So we are mad, walking through the hot sun.

We decide its time for lunch

So we go off in search of a restaurant


On the way to the restaurant, we find two construction companies on opposite sides of the road.


So we go to the first company.

Well its situated on the 6th floor of a shopping centre. We go to the lift…

Somebody says from behind..”its out of service…”

So we climb up the flight of stairs…

6 floors

We go to the office…a very nice office with nobody in it…except a girl..

She says..”boss went out for lunch”


So we give our resumes to her and are looking down at the stairs..coz we are almost dead from climbing…now to move down..

Oh my god…

So this girl locks her office and comes out and says…”I am going for lunch”

We look at her thinking it must be hard for this poor girl to climb up and down daily…

We smile at her thinking…poor soul..


She returns the smile……

Move to the lift…

Presses the button…

Enters into it and she’s gone…




Next we go to the opposite building to the office of the other construction company….

We just reached the door, and gets ready with our resume, NIKHIL checking his appearance…

Then suddenly…

These two men run towards us shouting…

We look at each other…

One of the men comes and asks…

“who are you guys??what do you want???”

We say humbly with as much respect as possible…

“we came to give résumé….”

The other man


Well, he is hearing the word resume for the first time in his life!!!

And yes…I am damn right…!!!!!!

He mistakes us for some one who came for money as part of ‘fund raising’ programs that usually happens everyday in our place…


NIKHIL blurts out…

“but we came for job vacancy”

Again the idiotic watchmen mistakes us..

He thinks we came to them mistaking that it a JOB RECRUITING agency…

And one of them yells at us…


Before he yells GETOUTTTTTTTTTT“,someone more civilized comes from the office and accepts our resumes…





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