The kiss of love


It is a cool summer morning

And I am with my beautiful love

With a wish to taste the love

But a little tense to kiss

We hold hands and walk

Through the tiled walkway

The little breeze dancing her hair

And the sun shining in my eyes

Seeing the gloss on her lips

My heart keeps beating

And I feel the urge to touch

I move to face her finally

I look into her inquisitive eyes

And then I hold her face

And move towards her

My lips touching hers

As I feel her in love

Her hands entwining me

We dance in an embrace

Kissing and kissing and kissing

I wish it could go on

For time unknown

I want the world to stop by

And I want to be with her

My lips locked into hers

Until the end of time



  1. pradeep dixit · · Reply


  2. maryrestaino · · Reply

    I like this poem, it illustrates the feelings of the narrator very well.

  3. What beautiful words!!!

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