Lifting my mind off my body!

As the sun downs in the twilight

I step out of my work and chaos

Trying to calm a chaotic mind

That has gone mad in the day

In the frantic race for existence

I take my car out of the park

And drive along the freeway

That runs along just like-

The snakes in my busy life

In the poisoned minds

I let the wind catch my hair

And my skin feel the last light

Of a sun dying away in the sea

After a glorious day up in the sky

Moving in time over the day

I step out into the grass

Feeling the freshness in my feet

And move to my haven

Nestled in the hills

Above and away from madness

I walk into my house

And unwind for the day

Feeling the night creeping up

And a sleep catching up

Lifting my mind off my body

I feel a sense of selflessness here

And a tranquil mood of healing

A place where I can sleep tight

For here I realize that

There is no place like home


One comment

  1. Hi Blogger: I must commend your article and the emphasis you place on the mind.
    Really the mind is such that important part of our life, but many will not discover until they slow down and stop to focus on the Power of the mind.
    It is for that very reason why the bible focuses on and advise us to guard our mind against certain undesirable thoughts because it is out of the mind that flows the issues
    of life!
    I will keep following you and hope you do the same!
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