TERRORIST CAPITAL OF THE WORLD: The case of an exploding nation

It is purely a case of a dream turning into the worst nightmare.

The Inter Services Intelligence(ISI) of Pakistan had been nurturing extremist factions within the country to meet their own private and secret propaganda-the destabilization of neighboring Afghanistan and ABOVE ALL SEPARATION OF KASHMIR FROM INDIA.

In the process they began sowing the seeds of Taliban.

They nurtured Talibanism and saw that a democratic government in Afghanistan was thrown down by the extremist Islamic factions.

After the blood bath the world began hearing about the extremely primitive ways of these pro-Pakistan extremist group-the Islamic extremists known by the name Taliban.

Girls were denied education.

Women were to move about in an all covering burqa.

Men were not to shave off their beards.

Women found guilty of prostitution were stoned to death.

Movies, cinemas, internet etc were banned in the country.

Thanks to the United States, the Taliban regime came to an end in Afghanistan.

Each and every time terrorists are caught in India, there will b a Pakistan, ISI link to them and each time Pakistan and ISI denies it.

Even the Mumbai terrorist attack was a brainchild of ISI and Pakistan.

But look now.

It is now a case of a demon turning to destroy its own creator.

The Taliban has sounded the war cry.

They have declared that their mission is to capture Islamabad.

The state of Pakistan now is in the perfect state for the spread of extremism-it is a state in utter chaos.

President Sardari who came into power following the end of the dictatorship of Gen.Musharaff and that too in the wake of the assassination of his wife Benazir Bhutto, is not interested in any of the affairs of the state.

Coupled with the financial crisis all over the world the chaos in Pakistan have reached its peak for the whole world to regard it with terror as the TERRORIST CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!

A lot needs to be known why PAKISTAN IS BREWING TERRORISM!

The root causes need to be identified.

Moreover Pakistan is a nuclear power.

As the land goes each day into chaos the nuclear arsenal will also become extremely unsafe.

We cannot even dream of the state if any extremist-terrorist group comes to get hold of the nuclear arsenal of Pakistan.

It is not in the mindset of the people of Pakistan.

It is in the mindset of the rulers.

Anyways the time has come for them to face the consequences of their action.

And the whole world needs to be on high alert!




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