Why should I be reading your blog??

There could be a variety of reasons why I should be visiting your blog!!

Maybe while navigating through the blogosphere I just happened to stare at your blog.

Maybe you had a captivating title to your blog.

Maybe you were blogging currently on matters that mattered to me the most.

Maybe your blog had wonderful articles that lured me.

But then why should I be reading your blog even if I happened to pass by your page??

Because I am a serious blogger who wants to taste the slice of your life that’s on offer.

Because I want to reach out to the world and improvise on my own creativity.

Because you were too good to skip, so I continued reading.

Because you are talented in the skill of writing.

What makes me go through your articles once I visit your blog??

If your blog is neatly designed with great pictures that accompany wonderful articles.

Lurid, sexy and provocative pictures and articles may lure me and I may come by, because I am just another normal human being, but remember that these cannot keep me hooked on to your blog or make me subscribe to it.

I may COMMENT on your articles if you are authentic and if I am interested in the article.

Most probably I WILL comment.



  1. theboywhofoundfearatlast · · Reply

    I’d like you to read my blog….
    I’d like anyone to read my blog.
    I’m just not a brilliant blogger… YET!

    1. arunraaj · · Reply

      sure ya..
      i will come by..
      can you provide the link??

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