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Hawt Post-Very Funny:This is how exams are written in India!


Confessions on the social networking phenomena

Letters and postcards have become passé. Emails have become the technology of yesterday! Now what drives people is social networking. It has become a medium for people to advertise themselves. And its absolutely free of cost. All you need is an internet connection wired to a computer. And if you have some cool pictures to […]

Picture Blogging-The Cool New Way of expressing!

I really dont know. I have been thinking about it over the past week. Right now it seems that i am totally into picture blogging and dont care for poetry! Why?? The answer just seems as simple as it is complicated. Maybe right now i just dont feel like.Well at least that is what it […]

Check it out:Photoshop at its best

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The best Ad photograph!

The best of the award winning photographs

Ultimate Creativity

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