Confessions on the social networking phenomena

Letters and postcards have become passé.

Emails have become the technology of yesterday!

Now what drives people is social networking.

It has become a medium for people to advertise themselves.

And its absolutely free of cost.

All you need is an internet connection wired to a computer.

And if you have some cool pictures to upload, then its party time!

The very first social networking site I joined was ORKUT.

At first the numbers mattered.

It was a status problem to go without a decent number of friends in orkut.

So invitations flew from my account to people known and unknown.

And steadily the friends list climbed up.

Then there was the problem of the number of scraps!

Fewer scraps meant you were not acceptable in the orkut world or rather people didn’t want to interact with you.

So the remedy came.

As I was the patient, I had to become the doctor!

Hours were spent in orkut through net connection at home and mostly through internet cafes.

Scraps flew from my account to all the people who were online at that particular time.

Replies poured in.

And my scrap numbers rocketed.

I still remember the day when my orkut scrap collection crossed the magical number of 500.

I felt like I am on top of the world then!

Wow. It was an exhilarating experience then!

Then slowly I began to lose interest.

The same people are always online.

And people whom I preferred to chat came and went while I was offline.

Slowly the orkut boredom crept in.

Then I began deleting people whom I once sent friends request and whom I never knew.

Now my orkut friends list shows only the people I know.

Though the numbers have climbed down, it feels good to be in the company of people I know.

Then it was the turn of FACEBOOK.

Long after facebook became a phenomenon I too became a part of it.

After all who doesn’t want to be in the most happening social networking site on the planet!

The problem with facebook is that I don’t use it often.

Maybe because I am familiar with the orkut way that I prefer to stick to it.

And now it’s the turn of TWITTER.

The phenomenal microblogging site.

And as of now I cant invite friends in my email list because they don’t even have an account in twitter.

So there is no chance to keep updated about my friends…lolz…


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