Picture Blogging-The Cool New Way of expressing!


I really dont know.

I have been thinking about it over the past week.

Right now it seems that i am totally into picture blogging and dont care for poetry!


The answer just seems as simple as it is complicated.

Maybe right now i just dont feel like.Well at least that is what it seems like.

For me to write poetry i need an intense burst of emotions.

Poetry cant just be written by sitting on an armchair and sipping coffee.Well atleast maybe for me.Feelings should come from the heart and my soul should be restless if i am to channel my feelings through words on paper.

But even now i can write articles,because it dont need that much pain!All you have to do is think about the subject,take the pen and deliver.About anything under the sun.Well maybe..LOLZ


Well,these days i dont feel the urge to write poetry as i had been doing for the last couple of months.

The reason maybe that i am damn bored with life that i do not have feelings at all.

LOLZ…well that is not the reason ….in the least.

Poetry is my passion,something that i secretly enjoy being talented at,and whatever happens I am not going to quit writing.


But as of now i am really into picture blogging,filling up my blog with pictures,of course not done by me,but from whatever intersting topic i find in the internet.


And happy picture surfing for all my viewers,and if you want a taste of poetry or articles,you will have to skim through,to the older posts.I know it is bad,but really I am sorry for that-i mean for not writing at the moment,for just picture blogging!





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