Be the reflection


i always had dreams…dreams on what i had to be..

but somehow i ended up the other way…but still i am happy..

maybe coz i am living my dreams in reality..

most of you around will be having the same experience as i have in ending up on the other side of what you really wanted to be,what you craved for.

but i dont know how many of you will be living through the reality…

some of us may still be awkward,wanting to go back…trying desperately…they feel suffocated..

all i have to say is that try to live your dream..

and if you end up on the other side like i did, AT LEAST TRY TO BE A REFLECTION OF WHAT YOU WANTED TO BE..



  1. dirtclustit · · Reply

    I think maybe people don’t leave any in depth comments (like you may read in others blogs) because it seems to me you already know much more than anyone could ever write in a comment.

    It seems that most commenters give the own insight on the subject of the post, or the agree with or can relate to the point of view.

    You seem to a far a far better understanding of the subjects than anyone I have ever read. You seem to have this superior knowledge in just about every aspect or subject that most everyone else has trouble to grasp.

    You appear to just know. You don’t have any trouble understanding.

    I realize you may not always feel like that. You may feel like there are many things you don’t understand (like why no insightful comments)

    I can only speak for myself, but I am pretty sure at least a few others would agree with me…

    I honestly think that you know and completely understand more than anybody.

    There is no doubt that you were meant to have the knowledge you possess.

    My question is, how much of it did you have a hand in the design?

    We should definitely meet up sometime

    1. man really thanks for your comment…it was among the best comments i ever received..hope you keep coming back

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