So hey,why should i be blogging here?


So here I am…I means…me…Raj…well precisely…Arun Raj…starting to stare out at the world outside…Well it may seem kind of stupid to begin by that sentence but practically that is exactly what I am doing right now..Staring out at the world, its people as they go about their daily chores…Minding their own businesses…in the quest for money and maybe a bit of something they call ‘life’…

It’s funny that I should write this whole thing…Which I don’t know how to name…is it memoirs of my past life…or is it just another of the numerous blogs that start mushrooming in the virtual world every now and then!

Really I can’t call it a blog… You may not be able to believe, but that is what is true…and what I am writing now may sound as a fantasy to most of you but to me what I am going to write in the pages to come is a true account of my past life which can be seen as fiction. Because I don’t believe that anyone would just sit back and believe when a person narrates his experiences. But to a person who has gone through the many ordeals in life a critic’s viewpoint that… ’Hey, come-on…this just happens to everybody in life…There’s nothing new to it…and moreover he is intentionally fictionalizing some parts of his life that never existed’ does not quite sound interesting…because its not just anyone else’s life…its not just something that happens to every other person…if it is like that let it be so…am not complaining..But to me…This is my life…And these were the experiences of my life…

So am not asking you to just sit here and read all the rubbish that I am going to write. You have other options. You can just navigate away from this blog, take a coffee, and go back to your work.


One comment

  1. world is so stupid….. people r livin searchin beauties n shocks….. these r everywhere … our boring , monotonous daily chores of life…very few gets the privilege of being dumb to observe these…so people like u will have to keep bloggin so that we too can enjoy atleast some parts of it !

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