Raindrops are falling on my roof!


Its amazing to see the sky at the end of the hot summer. The sky turns dark and clouds begin to form and far away there is the flash of lightning and a muffled sound of thunder.

The evening sky has clouds dancing to the tune of winds. Some of them forming the shapes of thing we have seen, others without any particular shape.

Every year I wait for the first drops of rain to fall on the land. I keep watching the rain, the grass getting wet, the rivers getting filled up again, the flowers dancing in the rain, listening to the raindrops on my roof.

They bring back sweet memories from the past-as a child how I used to watch the rain fall. I can almost see myself growing through time.

The very instant the first raindrops fall, the land responds. There is a sweet smell of fresh earth-of rain falling on land.

Every time the rain falls, I feel like a child. I want to play in the rain.

I just want to stand there in the rain and feel the rain all over my body. I want to get drenched in the rain.

Its almost like getting a new life, like I am washing away my past, like I am going back to my childhood.

Rain-its among the most wonderful creations of nature. Just once you stand in the rain and it will ease away your tensions and brings new hopes and aspirations.

During the rainy season its wonderful to pull a chair near the window and watch the rain fall. Well if you have nothing else to do then, you can soak yourself in memories.

The music of rain falling on the roof, getting drenched in the first rains-its all an experience that you can never forget in your life.


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