EnigmA-The Unknown Fantasy


An enigma (from Greek αἴνιγμα, plural enigmas or enigmata) is a puzzle, something mysterious or inexplicable, or a riddle or difficult problem. The word can also be used to describe a mysterious or secretive person.

Because humans have a natural sense of curiosity, an enigma is often a topic of intense interest, discussion, and debate before it is solved. Some famous historical enigmas have captivated the imagination of some of the greatest minds in the world, and continue to do so, as is the case with Fermat’s last theorem in mathematics. Some people relish the intellectual challenge of an enigma, as it allows them to prove their intellectual capabilities to themselves and others.

Someone who speaks in riddles may be called “enigmatic.” Many examples of enigmatic individuals can be found in history and in literature; such individuals are sometimes treated as great minds, since it is assumed that their brains simply work too quickly to allow normal individuals to comprehend them.



  1. enigma is not always associated with intellectual capacity or anything ….its about behaving weird… a guy smokin marijuana will be weird but noone calls him enigmatic …..but when a geek behaving weird will be the so called ENIGMATIC …. world has its own rules !

    1. arunraaj · · Reply

      Thanks for your first comment,manu..
      i was looking forward to it..
      keep your comments coming in

  2. shraddha · · Reply


    enigma can be good to certain point…but do not forget…if it is too difficult people generally lose interest and not develop curiosity…

    1. arunraaj · · Reply

      yeah me too think so.
      it can be negative at times.thanks doc

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