I have a dream;to be free


You dreamt a dream and you dreamt you were free, but nothing about a dream can relate to freedom for the freedom of dreams is deception. So you woke up to flee everything that kept you down, to flee deception and to be free at last, but as all of this was taken from your eyes, there was nothing left and blind you stared into darkness.

Now leave all the nothingness behind and step onto the road to freedom, for freedom is not deception and is not the void darkness in the lack of knowledge.
Because knowledge is what you have been searching for when you threw your dreams aside. And knowledge is what you lacked when you sought your refuge in the somber blankness.
Freedom is to open your eyes to that what is true and what you knew inside as you ran from it. Freedom is the light of the heart, to return to what you lost behind.



  1. shraddha · · Reply

    very nice…

    it was good to catch up with your blog after our vacation..i have finally updated mine too..

    1. i have added you to my blogroll shraddha…keep coming

  2. shraddha · · Reply

    thanks for adding me to your blogroll..i will do it as soon as i have caught up commenting on all my friend’s blogs…

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