Sometimes we dont say what we think for the fear of being different




  1. I had a problem like with this with a friend. We once had a class together with two other guys, where we had a lot of free time. The four of us would often talk about our interests, and whenever I talked about anime, this friend would just give me a disgusted look, saying, “You’re so weird.”

    Later on, I discover that he’s been watching anime for a long time and he just insulted me so that he wouldn’t have to admit that he watched it too, fearing ridicule.

    I felt really mad at him for doing that because he made me look like such a freak when he’s been doing it the entire time.

    I know that this photograph tries to give them sympathy, but I just can’t help but think of how frustrating his hypocrisy was. Well, now, we’re friends.

    1. thats like my story nice

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