For all my dearest friends,the CivZ

This is meant only for our gang,the CivZ.


Dedicated to all my friends in CivZwho have been with me throughout the college life and after.

Hope the friendship keeps burning,Throughout our lives.

Will be missing you dear friends.




  1. shraddha · · Reply

    totally cute…

  2. shraddha · · Reply

    where did you dissapppeer? miss ya…

    Thanks for stopping by my blog few times,,,we appreciate your continued support…April and I plan to update every monday!

    1. I am now in Muscat…no access to internet here…sorry yaar…thanks for your support..i hope to be back online soon

  3. Is that a real photo you took ??? I don’t recognize any of ’em – would have been nice if t was real 🙂
    Nevertheles – as usual – nice post 🙂

    1. thanks..
      as usual not ma pics..

  4. Civz…
    the spirit that have always fuelled our endeavours and life in our own TKM..
    the force that have pushed us closer to what we have targeted…
    the power that made us do the impossibles…
    the bond that has kept us closer in heart no matter where we are…
    the religion that we all have put faith in..
    No matter how far we are from one another…
    We r the gang …We r the Civz….always

    1. CivZ…it is wonderful always…

  5. I too thot itz smbody among us…
    Actually one resembles kuri too…

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