EPISODES of MY LIFE IN MUSCAT,OMAN:Hurdles for a Licence

The biggest problem here is to take a driving licenece.
Earlier it used to be easy like in India,you take lessons,drive with the inspector and unless you make any stupid moves,you will emerge successful in the test.
And hence get your licence.
But now things are weird here,at least a bit weird.
Here everybody own a car,like people own motorbikes in India.
And they  go to the roads from day ! of buying the car.
So traffic is heavy.
It is just because of the professional thoughts in road traffic engineering that we do not experience the rush even in the middle of extremely heavy traffic.
Public transportation systems like public buses are rare.
So the traffic authorities have decided to make the tests for licence very demanding.
You will never receive your licence within 6 tests in muscat,if you are an EXPAT.
Omanis get it at first test itself.
And the funny thing is that you will have to wait for 60 days for the next test.
That means,it will take a minimum of 1 year to get licence here in MUscat.



One comment

  1. Hmm…so things have changed, huh? I know my dad got his license easily about 20 something years ago but my mum took a while because the test was so stringent. We left Oman when I was 9 or 10 years old so it has been a long time…and things for expats are probably harder now…

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