EPISODES of MY LIFE IN MUSCAT,OMAN:The Enchantresses on Streets

There are girls in fact many girls who are working by day and who are into prostitution.
Some take prostitution to earn some big bucks,others are into it full time.
And well people do all sorts of things.
And we can feel it.
Just go to the streets,and there are men standing at every corner who come walking towards us and say;
“Want girls??”
As we move on pretending that we havent heard,they keep talking to us softly
“Sir,we have girls according to all tastes..”
And i think GOD…why dont this guy leave us??

As we escape this guy and move on,around the next corner of a street somebody else would come
“Bhai you want keralites,tamil,telugu,hindi,chinese…”

And beleive me its like the serving guy saying out the list of items in the menu in some hotel in kerala.
The list is endless.And sometimes you would actually doubt if there is really a country like he said..
Is ther…??
Ah forget it..
Well what did he say again???

And as we escape the men or rather the dalals or the pimps,well the real stuff would come from the crowd.
A neatly dressed girl in white “KASAVU” saree.Well beautiful isnt she??
As she passes us in the opposite direction,and i dream of some bollywood film scene of hero and heroine..
Well…did she accidentally bump into me??
i say “Ooops,sorry…”
As i look sheepishly into her eyes,she returns a seducing smile.


Before she starts to say something,i escape with my life.

And so i make the startling discovery that every girl on the street are not so nice..



  1. Супер!! То что надо. Благодарю Вас.

  2. so eligant template.. and gud but short and crisp content. no nonsense. do u follow 55fiction.. by any chance?

    1. 55fiction…whats that?
      i dont follow 55fiction
      and thanks for your comments

      1. check out gingerchai.com; 55fiction is a crisp way of telling a story

  3. ur blog is so nice and original.

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