The self-discovery project – What happened in between?

So almost a year later I am back to where I belong-Word Press, on my own blogging site.
As you may have read already what happened to me in those times when I was away from you…away from my place in the web? Well to answer that I will have to take you down to a journey-beyond imagination, beyond emotions, beyond me.

As I reached Muscat (Sultanate of Oman) by 2009, I got entrapped in the constant demands of work. A vicious cycle of work that goes throughout the week with an exception of Friday that was declared a public holiday in all of GCC was what awaited me. In between of course I tried to come back to blogging but the pressures of work and the selfish need to enjoy the most of the only available holiday on Friday kept me away from blogging. For to blog on your experiences or to write poetry you have to have a peaceful mind. Only then do the feelings flow from the mind into the medium and express themselves.

Life in Oman was a mix of work pressures and enjoyments. There was a heavy lot of working to do. But at the same time I also enjoyed to the max.
Fridays were a potent mix of hangover from Thursday night outs, visits to temples and the escapes to shopping malls. Just don’t ask me why we used to rush to shopping malls and spend the time till almost they close shop. Of course you had the innate feeling to see a girl for here you could watch girls and the eyes and mind would be filled with happiness for from the next morning till Thursday night I would be in some faraway place with virtually no chance to spot a girl. It would be work all round the clock. Work and more work. Well sometimes you ought to live man. Live and prove to yourselves that you still are a boy with typical boyish feelings and emotions. Huh…
After 2 years in Oman I grew tired of the monotonous work that I finally decided to say quits. And I resigned and came back home in 2011 and by then I had this urge to go for higher studies and to accomplish something in life.
Our new house was being built and I became immersed in the work till about December 2011. By that time I had got an admission for higher studies and a chance to pursue my dream.
I joined classes in January this year shifted to our new house in February and then was immersed in studies.
So practically I was saying that I just had no time to blog, right??
Well that would be a denial of course in the most vehement manner.
It would be hiding from the truth of what made me lazy.
Ok, finally I admit it I was more or less lazy to write here. I was just whiling away my free time. Whatever time I got free I usually slept it off or rather watched movies or went for some exhibitions.
What happened to me??
Why this laziness in writing??
Am I done with blogging??
Where is all the poetry??
Today I just thought of sharing some of my thoughts with you. So that you may try to analyse what just went wrong.
And I am waiting to hear from you.
Have a great time people and expect me around sometime.





  1. TimeLordTyanne · · Reply

    It really has been a long time since I have seen new posts on your blog!

    1. Are you alive still??

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