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Too bad you are beautiful;with love to the girl who ditched me!

this article is dedicated to the girl whom i loved passionately,intensely with all i got but who in the end ditched me just like that… with love…a torn heart! Advertisements

Confessions on the social networking phenomena

Letters and postcards have become passé. Emails have become the technology of yesterday! Now what drives people is social networking. It has become a medium for people to advertise themselves. And its absolutely free of cost. All you need is an internet connection wired to a computer. And if you have some cool pictures to […]

Chronicles of an engineering fresher

Everything had changed suddenly right after college was over. Friends began moving towards their placed companies. And we were left alone. A bunch of the not-so-privileged students. All left to fend for ourselves. In fact we were the leftovers once college was over. Because everyone else who had made the best use of their college […]