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I have a dream;to be free

You dreamt a dream and you dreamt you were free, but nothing about a dream can relate to freedom for the freedom of dreams is deception. So you woke up to flee everything that kept you down, to flee deception and to be free at last, but as all of this was taken from your […]

Male brain vs Female brain

Women – Multiple process Women’s brians designed to concentrate multiple task at a time. Woment can Watch a TV and Talk over phone and cook the new receips. Men – Single Process Men’s brain designed to concentrate only one work at a time. Men can not watch a TV and talking in phone same time. […]

Be the reflection

i always had dreams…dreams on what i had to be.. but somehow i ended up the other way…but still i am happy.. maybe coz i am living my dreams in reality.. most of you around will be having the same experience as i have in ending up on the other side of what you really […]