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It’s Been a Really Long Time!

It’s nothing. Just a random blog.

EPISODES of MY LIFE IN MUSCAT,OMAN:The Enchantresses on Streets

There are girls in fact many girls who are working by day and who are into prostitution. Some take prostitution to earn some big bucks,others are into it full time. And well people do all sorts of things. And we can feel it. Just go to the streets,and there are men standing at every corner […]

Episodes of my Muscat life:The telugu film story

And then there was this movie we went to. Well here there are cinemas that play hollywood,hindi,tamil,telugu and malayalam films. And so we wanted to see LOVE AAJ KAL-the movie of Saif Ali Khan and Deepika. And when we went there there was this crowd of telugu people. When we asked what the matter was […]

Sorry people,i cant blog right now

sorry people,i am unable to access net here.. right now i am in MUSCAT,OMAN came here on 22nd july working as a CIVIL ENGINEER so do cope with me… hope you guys continue visting and thanks for your support… 🙂 love ya all take care guys

So hey,why should i be blogging here?

So here I am…I means…me…Raj…well precisely…Arun Raj…starting to stare out at the world outside…Well it may seem kind of stupid to begin by that sentence but practically that is exactly what I am doing right now..Staring out at the world, its people as they go about their daily chores…Minding their own businesses…in the quest for […]

The war of the Queens…

Try these espresso-based coffee drinks, including favorites like cappuccino and coffee latte. If you like those great coffee drinks you get at coffee shops and want to make them at home, here is where you’ll find out how to make them. Of course, you will need an espresso machine, as the base for all these […]